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Three years in the making...

When creating the Spin NEO, we were determined to make a great single-pour pinned articulator that utilized all the great aspects of our other articulators, while improving on an already great design.

It took three years before the final product completly satisfied our own high standards.

However as with all great things...
It was worth the wait!

Works with double-bite trays, conventional impressions and pre-poured models. Reusable incisal pins can be placed in the anterior and posterior locations.

The stablizing ridge design provides maximum die stability, while the pinhole design allows for one to create a custom die retention (grip).

-Great Movement
Two years of re-engineering the Cbite ball and clasp hinge design now provides excellent lateral and protrusive movements.

This is truly our best hinge yet.

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Robust hinge, ball and clasp provide excellent movement.

dies only mount one way to eliminate confusion

Dental articulator hinge and ball clasp ridges-zoom
stabilizing ridges are unidirectional and anti-rotational

Doctor/Patient labels available
for convenience and appearance